Why to prefer StoneREX construction and facade boards?


StoneREX façade and construction boards are meant for those who want to insulate and cover a façade of a building so that the buildings will not become unaired and will remain breathable. By experience of the Nordic countries and our own experience it is evident that in our climate, where the temperature fluctuations during the day are quite big, covering of the buildings with unaired shell – penoplastic and plaster is harmful for the building as well as for the people living there. The houses cannot breathe any longer and moisture remains in the house. Mould develops in the rooms and living or working in such a stuffy and moulding building is far beyond being pleasant and healthy. By choosing StoneREX building and façade boards, insulation will be made of wool and the structures shall facilitate ventilation of the facade.


As the main component of StoneREX building boards and façade boards is cement, these are very strong, impact resistant and fireproof and they are easy to clean. In addition to mechanical strength, they are also extremely resistant to the impacts of our climate.


Surfaces covered with StoneREX boards remain nice looking and fresh for many decades. The stonechip boards are coated with natural stone, which is resistant to sunrays, wind, rainfall and wide temperature fluctuations. If plastered facades start falling apart sooner or later due to moisture, a very heavy impact force (crush against the wall of the house, etc.) is needed to destroy the external wall covered with the StoneREX facade plate. It does not decompose, erode or fall apart as it happens with plaster after a while. If young artists happen to spoil the facade with their spray-paints, it can normally be removed with vinegar solution. In the worst case the spoilt boards can be replaced with new ones. In addition the boards are also fungus and insect resistant.


StoneREX boards are fireproof. As non-combustible properties thereof have been proven in relevant tests, in addition to external application areas they can also be used in internal work for building partition walls, ceilings and floors, where fireproofness is a must.


StoneREX building boards and façade boards can be used for covering façades and socles, building eaves soffits, partition walls and floors, fire-barrier structures, balcony rails in wet rooms, garden houses and garages, flower bed edges, plant growing boxes and compost boxes.


StoneREX stonechip coated boards are covered with natural stonechips and what can be more beautiful than nature itself. Solar rays, rainfall and time does not have any impact on its colour shade or structure as it can happen with facades covered with wood or plaster. It suits in every environment and thanks to the fact that natural stones are available in a wide range of colour shades, they can be used for creating contemporary solutions as well as designs in the country-style. Construction boards can also be painted in any RAL colour according to the client’s wish.


Considering the life time and durability of StoneRex construction boards and façade boards and all the properties described above, it is for sure the most economical solution for building a nice looking and durable façade.